Therapeutic contact lenses
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Therapeutic contact lenses for the corneal protection, with 67% and 77% water content and a UV inhibitor.


BandageTM contact lenses are used as a therapeutic aid in a number of eye conditions and following ocular tauma, such as:

  • Aids Healing
  • Pain Relief
  • Physical Barrier
  • Splint
  • Post-Ocular Surgery
  • Visual Acuity Improvements
  • drug Delivery

Lens specifications:


   Terpolymer FilconII 2 non-ionic with UV inhibitor

   Base Curve

   8.70mm (in stock) 
   tailor-made:  7,00mm to 9,80mm  (0,10 steps)


   14,50mm  (in stock)
   tailor-made:  12,50mm to 19,00mm  (0,10 steps)




   30 x 10-11 (cm2/sec) [ml02/(ml x mmHg)]     67%
   53 x 10-11 (cm2/sec) [ml02/(ml x mmHg)]     77%



   Single lens