Disposable Silicone Hydrogel


Aphakic sih καταλόγων









3-mothly silicon hydrogel contact lenses for aphakia and very high plus powers.

Innovative desing deliver excellent vision and confort.


Manufactured with the most advanced technologies, from Silicon Hydrogel last generation material DefinitiveTM with very high water retention properties.

Ideal for dry enviroments and dry eye conditions.

Innovative design incorporating award-winning Wavefront and SAM (Spherical Aberration Management) technologies to provide enhanced visual acuity.

Aphakic contact lenses are used in cases where the patient does not have a natural crystalline lens following cataract surgery, no intra-ocular lens is implanted into the eye. In these cases the patient requires a contact lens to provide them with the best vision possible.

The Aphakic SiH lens is ideally suited to thiw application.

Due to the high prescription required, the aphakic contact lens is much thicker than a conventional lens.The added thickness would normally reduce the oxygen level at the cornea. However, the SiH material ensures that sufficient oxygen does get to the cornea, despite the added lens thickness. The comfort of the thicker lens will not be compromised due to the high water content and the flexibility of the Silicone Hydrogel material.    

Design features:

  • Increased oxygen transmission for healthier eyes.                                
  • Excellent stabilisation for high plus powers.
  • Optics optimised for superb vision.
  • Lathe cut SiH for improved comfort and longer wear times.

Specifications :


 DefinitiveTM SiH (Filcon V 3), 74% H2O  


  7.80mm to9.80mm   ( 0,10 steps)


  12.50mm to 16.00mm   ( 0,10 steps)*


  Wavefront and SAM aberration control


  Sphere  up to  +45.00DS


  Light blue

   Ultra Violet               


   [email protected]0C

  60 x 10ˉ¹¹ (cm²/sec) (ml O2/(ml x mmHg))

  3-monthly replacement, daily use


  Single lens or cost effective 2-pack option