Disposable Silicone Hydrogel


Avanti Box καταλόγων 



Monthly custom made SiH contact lens for all prescriptions.

Unique design allows for quick stabilization achieving crisp, clear vision at all times.

Freeform Stabilization.                                                                                            Avanti's freeform stabilization utilizes Peripheral Balancing Zones (PBZ) that interact with the top and bottom lids. This interaction creates stabilizing forces that allow for rapid stabilization, usually with in 20 seconds.

avanti-freeform stabilization


  • Wide parameter range
  • Stable vision through gaze excursions
  • Does not mislocate during wear
  • Stability maintained when head is tilted
  • Reduction in overall thickness
  • Increased comfort 



DefinitiveTM Si-H, 74% H2O, UV protection (class 2)

   Base Curve

8,00   8,30    8,60   8,90   9,20


14,00   14,50   15,00


Sph   +/- 20,00SD 

Cyl     -0,75CD  to   -8,00CD

Axis   0ο to 180ο  (1ο steps)

Add   +0,50D  to  +4,00D

   Multifocal design   

Centre distance and Centre near

   Centre thickness

0,12mm  @-3,00D


6th & 12th hours

   [email protected]oC

60x10-11 (cm2/s)  (mlO2/ml.mmHg)

   Handling tint

Light blue


Monthly for daily wear


Box of 3 lenses




AVANTI multifocal is available in Centre Distance and Centre Near designs with an additional option to optimize power zones in the dominant eye, maximising vision to suit each individual patient' s needs.


    Dominant Eye
Non Dominant Eye

Optimized for Distance & Intermediate performance

Few Near vision tasks

CD Dom Opt
CD Dom Opt
Optimized for Distance & Intermediate performance

Moderate Near tasks

CD Dom Opt  CD Standard 
Optimized for Distance & Intermediate performance

Critical Near tasks

CD Dom Opt CN Standard
Optimized for Near tasks

Distance not critical

CN Dom Opt CN Dom Opt
Optimized for Near tasks & Intermediate

Distance not too critical

CN Dom Opt CN Standard
Optimized for Near tasks & Intermediate

Distance more critical

CN Dom Opt CD Standard


Easy fit system.

Provide the following measurements and we will supply the appropriate diagnostic lenses. Once the fit has been confirmed, you can order three packs.

  • Spectacle Rx & BVD
  • K readings
  • HVID (Average HVID is 11.50)
  • Dominant Eye for Multifocals
  • Centre Distance or Centre Near