Disposable Hydrogel

Specialty 55 -AB










Aspheric monthly disposable contact lens.




Disposable contact lenses with 55% water content and aspheric design for enhanced vision.

 Specialty 55 AB is manufactured  using the Fulflow™  moulding system for superb quality,consistency and reproducibility  .


  •    Optical Clarity .Advanced aberration control to increase optical clarity.    Aspheric design for enhanced vision.
  •    Optimal Comfort .Thin consistent edge for maximum comfort.
  •    Clearer vision in all conditions  
  •    Enhanced vision in low light conditions
  •    Enhanced contrast sensitivity
  •    Can mask astigmatism up to -1,00DC with spherical fitting                                                                       


Specialty 55 AB are extremely comfortable.Tangential edge-lift technology ensures a thin profile overall and positive scleral seating without detriment to tear-flow.Specialty 55 AB will give the patients the ''don't know I'm wearing lenses '' feeling.


Lens Specifications


    45%  Μethafilcon A ,    55%  H2O

   Βase Curve




    Lens Design

    Fulflow™  moulding

    Tangential   edge-lift

   Power range

  +6,00D  to  -6,00D  in 0,25D steps

  -6,50D  to   -12,00D  in 0,50D steps

   Centre Thickness

    0,07mm  (-3,00D)

   Handling Tint

   Light Blue

   Wear Modality

    Monthly replacement for daily wear

   Pack size

    6 Lenses