Disposable Hydrogel

U55 AB

U55 AB









Aspheric durable contact lenses with 55% water content


U55-AB are manufactured by UltraVision using the proprietary FulflowTM moulding system and the patented tangential edge-lift technology.

They are fully moulded from edge to edge to give absolute consistency or form of every lens.

High comfort levels and total ease of handling result from the advanced manufacturing process and lens design.

U55 AB is designed to control both inherent spherical aberration and that induced on-eye by the draping of the lens over the cornea. Its design features an aberration blocking optical system that gives greater clarity of vision with high contrast sensitivity and improved image perception especially under low-light conditions.


Vision results with ordinary contact lenses Vision results with  U55  AB

The enhanced depth of focus,provided by the power system of  U55 AB ,masks low to moderate levels of astigmatism and early presbyopia up to 1 dioptre.

Lens Specifications:


   Βase Curve







     +6.00DS   to   –12.00DS


    45% methafilcon A,    55% H2O

   Lens Design

   Fulflow™ moulding, Tangential edge-lift


    28 DK/L

   Edge Thickness


   Centre Thickness

    0.09mm  ( –3.00D)