Disposable Hydrogel

Correct Lens Daily




Daily disposable, biomimetic, glycerin contact lenses.







The healthiest and most comfortable way of contact lenses use/ οf using contact lenses!

* Soft and easy to use - no disinfection is required
* Immediate and profound sense of ease and freshness
* Made by biomimetic, non-ionic , high water content material for increased oxygen to the cornea and resistance against protein depositions
* UV protection Class II that blocks more than 82% of UVA sunrays and 97% of UVB ones.


Lens Specifications :


  Hioxifilcon A  

   Βase Curve     




   Power range

  -1,00 up to  -8,00

   Handling Tint

  Light Blue

   Ultra Violet


   [email protected]0

  22 x 10ˉ¹¹ (cm²/sec) (ml O2/(ml x mmHg))

   Wear Modality   Daily

   Pack size

  30 blister