Tailor made durable

Igel Rx Sphere

    RX SPHERE καταλόγων

Soft durable contact lens with 58%, 67 % or 77% water content and a UV inhibitor .

Spherical soft contact lens from non ionic material, UV inhibitor and a handling tint.

Igel Rx Sphere is manufactured to special individual designs for those patients whose ocular parameters fall outside the extensive range of stock parameters.

These unusual cases may be , for example, high powered lenses or large corneal diametres or curvatures requiring lenses outside the normal range , paediatric aphakics calling for steeply fitting and special purposes.


Igel Rx lenses are also available to prescription in a wide range of tint options and enhancements with simulated iris and tint densities 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% , 40% in :    Brown,  Green Brown, Grey, Blue, Blue Grey, Aqua & Green, for prosthetic useί.

Lens Specifications

Material            Η2Ο  38%

                  58%  67%  77%

 Polyhema  FilconI1  non ionic with UV inhibitor

Terpolymer  FilconII2 non iοnic with UV inhibitor        

Spherical Power Range

   +40.00DS  to  - 40.00 in 0.25 steps

Base Curve

   To Rx


   Variable to Rx

Centre Thickness

   Variable  to Rx



Διαπερατότητα    Η2Ο  38%




   13 x 10-11(cm2/sec)[mlO2/(ml x mmHg)]   

   21 x 10-11(cm2/sec)[mlO2/(ml x mmHg)]   

   30 x 10-11(cm2/sec)[mlO2/(ml x mmHg)]   

   53 x 10-11(cm2/sec)[mlO2/(ml x mmHg)]    

UV inhibitor





   Simple vial