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DuraWave Sphere

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Durable Aspheric contact lens from biobimetic material, using unique multi aspheric front surface designs, that delivers excellent vision.

Durawave Sphere contact lenses use unique multi-aspheric front surface designs providing patented aberration controls based on wavefront technology studies, that delivers excellent vision in all conditions.

Durawave Sphere is manufactured from the extremely durable biomimetic material GM3 58, with very high water retention properties, that resists protein deposition.

Ideal for air-conditioned enviroments and dry eye conditions.

A UV inhiditor is included in all Durawave lenses.

Hi Tints:

Durawave lenses are also available to prescription in a wide range of tint options and enhancements with simulated iris and tint densities 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% , 40% in:   Brown,  Green Brown, Grey, Blue, BlueGrey,  Aqua, Green for prosthetic use.


  • Cleare vision in all conditions. Enhanced vision in low-light conditions. Enhanced contrast sensitivity.
  • Can mask astigmatism up to  1.25DC with spherical fitting
  • Enhanced ocular comfort through lens design and material.
  • Resistant to protein deposition.
  • Ideal to air conditioned enviroments and dry eye conditions due to exceptional on-eye water retention properties.
  • Ideally suited to VDU use through enhanced intermediate vision.
  • Postpones need for multifocals or over readers.


Lens Specifications:


GM3  58 (Filcon II1),    58% water

  Base Curve        

7.80mm  to  9.80mm    in 0.20 steps


13.00mm   to   15.5mm   in 0.50 steps

  Lens Design         

Wavefront aberration control unique multi-aspheric front       

  Power Range (D)        

Sphere:  +30.00D    to    –30.00D    (in 0.25 steps)

  Centre Thickness                  

0.09mm    (-2.00D)


17.50 x 10 –11 (cm2/sec) (mlO2/(ml x mmHg))

  Handling Tint                         


  Wear Modality           

Durable lens for daily use


Single Vial

Ocular parameters required for order (15 days):

  • Spectacle Prescription
  • Keratometer Readings
  • Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter  
  • Back Vertex Distance