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Igel Rx Toric

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Toric soft contact lens with ε 38%, 58%, 67%, 77% water content with UV inhibitor.

Igel Rx Toric is manufactured to special individual designs for patients with unusual ocular parametres. It includes UV inhibitor and a handling tint.

Igel Rx Toric is extremely successful means of correcting astigmatic erros due to its simplicity of prescribing , reliability of performance, reproducibility,and technical and professional support.It is fitted empirically ,negating the requirement for trial lenses.

Also available to prescription in a wide range of tint options and enhancements for cosmetic use.

  Igel Rx Toric is a reduced optic, back surface toric with the toric area generated, resulting in more accurate optical quality in this area.

Further advantages of this patented design are an increase in the degree of astigmatic correction which can be incorporated in the lens and the ability to more accurately utilize the front surface to achieve maximum stability and comfort.

Prismatic corrections , up 2 prismatic dioptre in any axis, can also be included.

The requirements for the supply of the lens are (15 days delivery) :

o      Spectacle prescription

o      Keratometer readings

o      Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter

o      Back Vertex Distance (HVID)

Lens Specifications:

Material              Η2Ο  38%

                  58%  67%  77%

 Polyhema  FilconI1  μη ιονικό με φίλτρο UV

Terpolymer  FilconII2  μη ιονικό με φίλτρο UV        

Power range

 Sphere:    unlimited   in  0,25 steps

 Cylinder:   -0.50CD  to  -11.00CD  in 0,25 steps

 Axis :            0o  to 180o  in 1o steps               

Base Curve


FOZD     (-3.00D)

   8.80 (14.5mm lens)   to   9.10 (15mm lens)

Centre Thickness  (-3.00D)

   0.07mm   to   0.08mm


   14.00mm  to  16.50mm

Permeability   Η2Ο  38%




   13 x 10-11(cm2/sec)[mlO2/(ml x mmHg)]   

   21 x 10-11(cm2/sec)[mlO2/(ml x mmHg)]   

   30 x 10-11(cm2/sec)[mlO2/(ml x mmHg)]   

   53 x 10-11(cm2/sec)[mlO2/(ml x mmHg)]   

Location marks

  Laser marks  at  270ο  (6 o' clock)  for  R& L




   Single vial