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Contact lenses

All types of soft contact lenses for every vision problem with technology edge materials . Unique ocular comfort through design construction. Read more...
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Cleaning and moisturizing

High protection and care for sensitive eyes.

Customized contact lenses

Tailor-made contact lenses for extensive parameters and powers. Prosthetic lenses with clear or black pupil and simulated iris. Read more...


prosthetic contact lenses







Cosmetic contact lenses for Prosthetic use, designed for patiens suffering from corneal disfigurement or even to assist in cases of photofobia and dyschromatopsia. 


Prosthetic contact lenses are typically used for patients who have a severe injury or condition which sometimes renders the eye sightless and has a poor aesthetic appearance. Examples of such conditions are: a disfigured or deformed iris or pupil, corneal scarring following an injury or disease, aniridia or even iris eterochromia, photofobia, dydchromatopsia, albinism.

Ultravision produces a variety of both cosmetic and prosthetic contact lenses in a specially selected range of materials and water contents 58%, 67%, 77%. The material is a standard Hydrogel which is ideal for providing excellent comfortability and stability in a wide range of tint options.

Contact lens desings available for tinting are:                                                                DuraWaveTM Sphere, Toric and Multifocal, IgelTM Sphere and Toric, PrimaTM 67, PrestoTM 58.

The range offers a collection of alternative form which may be used independently or in a combination of forms:

Type  A:   pupil only tinted, iris area clear   


ypeB:  whole lens tinted, no separate pupil



Type   C  :   iris area tinted, clear pupil


Type   D  :   iris area tinted, pupil tinted separately


Specific effects can be applied to tints, including: 

  • Black simulated iris intwo types S1, S2
  • Limbal band (1mm) only in 67% and 77%
  • Collarette only in 67% and 77%
  • Colourred or black pupil
  • Opaque

Iris simulation is available only with an opaque backing.

All simulation irides are only available in black.

All combinations can be supplied with a clear pupil.

All prosthetic lenses include  a UV inhibitor.

We recommend prosthetic lenses be applied slightly tignter than normal white lenses.

Trial set for every lens type available.


   Lens designs

  DuraWaveTM,  IgelTM,  PrimaTM,  PrestoTM


  Filcon II 2,  58%,  67%  και  77% water content

   Pupil diameter

  2.50mm   to   9.50mm  (0,50 steps)

   Iris diameter

  10.00mm    to    14.00mm   (0.50 steps) 

  Opaque  up to  13.50mm

   Colour chart

Brown, Green Brown, Grey, Blue Grey, Blue Aqua, Green (violet, yellow, orange, red  20% και 40%)

   Tint densities

  Handling Tint,  5%,   10%,   20%,   30%,   40%

   Power range

  Sphere:   to  Rx  απεριόριστο

  Cyl:      -0.50   to   -11,00

  Axis:   1o   to   180ο

  Add:   up to   +3.50

   Base curve

  to   Rx


  to   Rx




circlegreenJust give us the information below to calculate the lenses for you:

- Spectacle RX
- Keratometer Readings
- Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter
- Back Vertex Distance





Specialized in customized and prosthetic contact lenses.