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Contact lenses

All types of soft contact lenses for every vision problem with technology edge materials . Unique ocular comfort through design construction. Read more...
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Cleaning and moisturizing

High protection and care for sensitive eyes.

Customized contact lenses

Tailor-made contact lenses for extensive parameters and powers. Prosthetic lenses with clear or black pupil and simulated iris. Read more...




Disposable colored contact lenses.


Clearcolor uses FDA approved medical grade dyes for it's pigments.                                                                                         A Proprietary Special Invert Padding (SIP) Technology prevents surface                                                                             protrusion on the lens and keep the eye safe from the colors.

Thin edge profile provides enhanced tear circulation and greater user comfort.

Extraordinary range of colors and designs offer something for everyone: from                                                               subtle color enhancements to striking new looks.


Material:                     62% polymacon, 38% water        

Base curve:                8,60 

Diameter:                  14,50

Power Range:           0,00   to   -8,50

Modality:                   Monthly replacement

Pack size:                   2 lenses



circlegreenJust give us the information below to calculate the lenses for you:

- Spectacle RX
- Keratometer Readings
- Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter
- Back Vertex Distance





Specialized in customized and prosthetic contact lenses.