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Contact lenses

All types of soft contact lenses for every vision problem with technology edge materials . Unique ocular comfort through design construction. Read more...
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Cleaning and moisturizing

High protection and care for sensitive eyes.

Customized contact lenses

Tailor-made contact lenses for extensive parameters and powers. Prosthetic lenses with clear or black pupil and simulated iris. Read more...



VISIONCARE was established in 1986 in Thessaloniki, trading contact lenses.

At first, our activity was limited particularly in Northern Greece. Our responsibility, the know-how and the accomplished scientific and technical support forced us to expand in the whole country soon.

Our goal always was to deliver high quality and high technology products to the Greek market. 

After a long market research, in 1997, we started two very important cooperations.

The first one was in contact lenses with the repeatedly awarded for innovation in technology Ultravision (United Kingdom) and the second in contact lens care products  with the Italian Esoform, one of the leading pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.

Last but not least, with our recent cooperation with Clearlab, we fullfill our commitment  to delivering value and quality to all our products.

With contact lenses of unique design and guaranteed technology and care products manufactured with  the most advanced formulations of latest generation, we provide complete scientific solutions for every ocular problem.  

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- Spectacle RX
- Keratometer Readings
- Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter
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Specialized in customized and prosthetic contact lenses.