UltraWave 60 Toric










Monthly disposable Aspheric Toric contact lens (biomimetic material). Unique multi-aspheric design providing patended aberration controls. Wavefront technology 2010 award.




ULTRAWAVETM 60 ΤORIC contact lenses use unique multi-aspheric front surface designs providing patented aberration controls based on Ultravision's wavefront technology studies  ( innovation award 2010), to deliver the following benefits:



Clearer Vision                     

  • Clearer vision in all conditions
  • Enhanced vision in low-light conditions
  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity

Enhanced Comfort          

  • Enhanced ocular comfort through lens design
  • Biomimetic material provides greater acceptance on the eye

Early Presbyopes  

  • Ideally suited to VDU use through enhanced intermediate vision
  • Postpones need for multifocals or over readers

Lens specifications:


   43%  Hioxifilcon A,   57%  water

   Base Curve




   Lens Design

   Wavefront aberration control unique multi-aspheric front

   Power Range (D)

   BVP    -8.00DS  to  +4.00DS

              -6.00DS  to   +4.00DS   in 0,25 steps

              -8,00DS  to   –6.50DS   in 0,50 steps

   CYL     -1.00DC,    -1.75DC

   AXIS    10, 20, 80, 90, 100, 160, 170, 180


   Single line indication at 6 o'clock

   Centre Thickness


   Handling Tint

   Light Blue


   19.9 x 10ˉ¹¹  (cm²/sec) (ml O2/(ml x mmHg))

   Wear Modality

   Monthly replacement for daily wear

   Pack Size

   3 lenses